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What I do

As the founder of the Biz Launch Portal, I offer business information, tools, programs, speeches and workshops, and access to a community of high-impact entrepreneurs. Together with an expert team of industry leaders around the world, I provide what you need as an entrepreneur to start and uplift your own scalable business while having more freedom, more fun and making more money.

I am also an international speaker, trainer, coach and published author. I have won the Public Speaking Toastmasters competition twice on European level, and have shared the stage with motivational speakers like Sheryl Roush, political leaders like the US foreign minister John Kerry, the Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak and the former European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, and outstanding entrepreneurs like Branding Strategist Runa Magnus, JUMP founder Isabella Lenarduzzi, and many others. My podcast regularly attracts thousands of listeners from more than 60 countries.

My Mission

To inspire and empower 1 Million people to turn their business idea into a profitable enterprise, and to scale it up globally … so we make life worth living for billions of people.


The Biz Launch Power Program

6-month Program

Guiding startups to turn their ideas into a thriving business

Business Acceleration Program

Full year program

Guiding entrepreneurs to scale up their business and to go global

the impactful pitch

Keynote and Workshop

Trigger interest within seconds and harvest a sound YES

the little big question


How to become an influential leader by discovering your WHY

Networking for


Turning short-term contacts into long lasting relationships

Business Idea Check


Generating more revenue with dream clients you love to work with most

Your Dream Support Team


Gathering influencers that give you and your business wings

Presentation Power for Entrepreneurs


Creating a lasting impact long after you left the stage

Starting your Speaker Business


Get paid to speak all over the globe


Mentors Digest – Overcoming obstacles

Offering you 50 uniquely selected stories written by some the greatest mentors worldwide on how they overcame major obstacles and grew far beyond themselves. You can do it, too!

heart of a toastmaster

A book containing members’ personal stories about how they overcame fears and gained courage and confidence through their Toastmasters membership.

my speaker business

Find out how 30+ of today’s Greatest Speakers got started to Get Paid to Speak. You can do it too!
Coming Soon!


Videos and Podcasts



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