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Meet Monique Blokzyl

005-20120917-monique-0357Monique is a wholehearted entrepreneur! But she has not always been one. She grew up in Eastern Germany, a place where people were state employed and resources were state owned. Running your own business was a very foreign concept. Back then, she did not know anything about business. She did not know whom to trust or where to find information. But, guess what? Altough you might have grown up in a free country, you might not know where to find the right information about how to start your own business. You might not know how to reach out to the best of the best entrepreneurs that can guide you step by step.

It has become Monique’s mission to guide you through the startup process step by step. Monique and some of the greatest entrepreneurs around the globe, offer you priceless information, guidance and latest experiences on the Business Launch Portal. They open you doors to the best of the best, that you can directly work and learn with them.

Today, Monique Blokzyl travels the world – an ambassador for rocketing ideas into enterprise. As Founder and CEO of the Business Launch Portal, she is known for giving inspiring talks and workshops at conferences of prestigious organizations such as JADE, Toastmasters, EBBF and others.

Monique has built several successful organizations. Already while going to school in Eastern Germany Monique found ways to build a profitable trading business. Even before she started to study she had others earn her money while running an insurance business.

After completing her studies, Monique worked for more than 15 years as a Marketing and Change Management leader in some of the largest corporations worldwide. She loved building and working with a great variety of multi-national teams around the globe. At that time she learned what it takes to turn a business vision into profit.

Monique also became an appreciated adviser, trainer and conference speaker for some of the biggest German Marketing and Education industry leaders. She has won twice the European Championship of Public Speaking with Toastmasters International (in German) and is a co-founder of a bilingual Toastmaster club in Brussels which became an award winning club within its first year.

After taking the courage to step out of her corporate career, Monique started to build a business together with five partners. It failed… and became a great learning experience of what not to do when launching a business. She shook off the dust and started again. Eventually she learned how to cut the path to success short by getting powerful support.

Within short 5 months, Monique’s weekly business launch portal radio show became hugely popular attracting more than 20.000 listeners. With these shows, Monique invites some of the greatest entrepreneurs around the globe to answer your most challenging questions.

Today, Monique works as an international speaker, trainer and coach, radio talk show host and author to inspire and support you to jump-start your own business.

If you are brave enough to jump, the business launch portal will help you build wings while rocketing your business dream into enterprise.

Can you deal with uncertainty?

“First you jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down” ~ by Ray Bradbury

Every entrepreneur knows this by experience. Building your business for the first time can be a very scary adventure.

We completely understand! And this is why we are here. We help you. The business launch portal will hold your hand. We equip you with all information, tools and programs you need to make sure you have a golden landing. We want you to be successful building your business!

Are you ready to jump?

At first, you need to be ready to jump! 86% of all people are said to dream of starting their own business. Less than 3% ever do it. Why? Because most people don’t have faith that they will be successful launching and running their own profit-making business.

Our mission is to inspire and empower 1 Million people turn their business idea into a profitable enterprise that creates value for everyone involved.

When one million people learn how to build profitable and value-driven businesses, and when each one of them becomes a mentor to others … can you see what will happen?