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Q&A Sessions with Monique

In our weekly Q&A calls you get answers to your most burning questions, help to get unstuck if you feel blocked in some ways, a fresh and uplifting energy boost and more … so you get ready to take your next steps. You will get empowering answers to your own questions. You will also get inspired as you take away inspiring answers to your peers’ questions. These calls are critical for you to get clearer, more focused and recharged. Therefore, join them as often as you can.

Wednesday, 5-December at 6pm CET (Berlin time)

Monthly Mastermind Deep Dive Sessions with Monique

The last Q&A Call each month will be extended into a 2-hour Hot Seat Session. This call will be limited to your smaller team of 10 peers (= your Launch Mastermind Squad) to give you enough space each month to dive deeper into one of your greatest challenges or questions. In that session, you will get asked powerful questions that can shift and expand your perspective. You will have your whole team to stick their heads together for you. Come in with a concrete question and you’ll benefit from our combined wisdom, experience and advice. Get ready for your next Hot Seat!

Wednesday, 28-November at 6pm CET (Berlin time)

Wednesday, 12-December at 6pm CET (Berlin time)

Quarterly Implementation Sessions with Monique
Remark: the zoom link for these calls is

Every quarter, we will roll up our sleeves and work on the implementation of one of your most critical business success triggers together.  These sessions could focus on closing your deals faster and easier, on crafting your next irresistible speech to sell from stage, or on other critical steps in your business. At the beginning of each session we will walk you through the major steps. Then you will have time to think it through and apply it to your business. We will also review together what you have created and give you hands-on feedback.  Stop procrastinating! Join our sessions and jump right into our precious success accelerator sessions, together with Monique and your peers!

Monday, 26-November at 6pm CET (Berlin time) - Topic: Speak to Earn - How you craft a speech that makes a bigger impact and that gains you new clients, on stage and beyond

Two-Day Live Retreats

You are invited to two live retreats each year to go on a deep dive together into marketing and selling best practices, crafting your next powerful speeches and pitches, personal growth and mindset shifts, and many other critical topics. During these live meetings you will also benefit from inspiring FAQ sessions, peer group masterminding and hot seats. These events are designed for you to connect with others, to network and to develop ideas of how to exchange and collaborate with other program peers. This is also your time to celebrate, for hugging and to enjoy building deeper connections with your community.

The dates for the next Live Event will be announced soon