Your GROWTH Track Module 1

Before we dive deep into all  of the critical business related topics to further grow your business like how to expand your product portfolio, uplift your marketing and other topics ... let's ensure during this first training session that you have a solid growth foundation and that you will enjoy the journey. Let's review and further sharpen your business vision and mission, fine-tune your top 3 goals and make space for whats really important in your life, besides business. As you keep gaining more clients, as you are building or expanding your team and as you keep focusing on growing your business, let's make sure you are not losing sight of what really matters ... the reasons WHY you've started this business in the first place. Let's go!

Your Work documents

Enjoy diving into your vision and mission.  Make a decision on your Top 3 Goals and make more time for things in your life that keep you balanced, that uplift your energy and that give you the feeling that you are building a business that supports your lifestyle, and not the other way around. Build a strong foundation for yourself and your business to grow further.

Just click on the pictures to download the documents. We recommend that you print them and you enjoy working through them over time.

Keep in mind that these documents have been carefully crafted to support you on your journey. However, you might take longer to get all the answers to all your questions ... and that is perfectly fine. Just work through it at your own pace and enjoy your new insights as they come.