Your GROWTH Track Module 10

Are you ready to step up with your team? Let's explore the Hiring Process, so you bring the right people on board to fill your required roles.  With the right team on your side you will gain your time back to do the activities that contribute most to the success of your business, so you can fully focus on being the entrepreneur. Let's beat this feeling of overwhelm, being stuck or frustration. Get ready to grow ... your team and your profit!

On this training session, we will guide you step by step through the Hiring Process. We will make sure you answer all critical questions regarding your hiring needs upfront. We will support you to make the decision if you want to employ people or  if you'd prefer to work with freelancers. You will also be able to decide who the right person is for the required role, how and how much you'll pay them and how you intend to work together. Then we'll help you to write your job description in a smart way and to find the right platforms to post your job offer. We also give you hints and tips on how to interview and test your applicants, so you select the most promising candidates that are the best fit for the role and your business. We also share with you an example of a contract for a virtual assistant, so you know how to craft your own contracts. Finally, we provide some precious hints and tips around hiring, so you avoid the most common mistakes when you bring your next team members on board. Are you ready?

Enjoy tapping into this training session and start hiring your next team member. Even if you have a functioning team already, this training session will offer many concrete hints on how to hire people in smarter ways, so you can get more done while you are working less. Sounds good? Let's jump right in!

Your Next Steps

Enjoy hiring new team members. We recommend, that you block time in your calendar over the next weeks to
- Define your hiring needs by answering the outlined questions in this training session
 - Write the job description for the role you want to fill
- Place the job offer on your selected hiring platform
- Get ready for your interviews by crafting your role specific interview script
- Prepare some tasks to test your candidates and to filter our the one with the greatest potential for this concrete role
- Craft and legally check the contract for this specific role, and get it signed by your new hire.

Enjoy upgrading your hiring process. Take inspired action at your own pace and enjoy your new insights and successes as they come. Stop thinking and start doing! Getting others do the tasks you don't absolutely have to do yourself is an important step toward growing your business while gaining your time back. Have fun gathering your business dream team!

And, don't forget to share your ideas and questions with your precious community and at one of our next Q&A and Deep Dive Calls. We look forward to seeing you step up with your team, your income and your impact!

Here you find an example for a Job Description, in this case for a Virtual Assistant with focus on Finance related tasks. Craft your own job description relevant to the specific position you need to fill.

This Interview Guide offers concrete step-by-step guidance on how you can create your own interview script to hire the candidate that is the best fit to your specific role and your business. You need to adapt this interview script to your specific role and business. Just select the questions that are most relevant to your hiring needs.

You can use this Virtual Assistant Contract Example as a basis to craft your own. We highly recommend that you get your draft contract checked by a legal service to make sure it is in line with your legal requirements applicable to your business location. Source of this contract example: