Your GROWTH Track Module 11

Are you ready to step up with your team? After going through the first six steps of the Hiring Process, we want to address the last one ... which is all about onboarding your new hires, so they are happy that they've joint your team and that they contribute to your business success fast. You want to make sure your hiring decision becomes a win-win-win for everyone involved, so your new team members stay with you for a long time.

On this training session, we will go through this last step of the Hiring Process. We'll do a deep dive into how to onboard your new team members in the best way. You get guided step by step through the Onboarding Process, so you make sure they feel welcome and part of the team from day one. We will also look at how you get them ready to work fast and how you get them to quickly contribute to your business success, also financially. You want to make sure that everyone involved benefits from having this new team member on board. Are you ready?

Enjoy tapping into this training session and start creating your onboarding process for your new hires. Even if you have a process in place, this training session will offer many concrete hints on how to onboard team members in smart ways, so you make sure your hiring investment pays off big time. Sounds good? Let's jump right in!

Your Next Steps

Enjoy creating and fine-tuning your Onboarding Process. We recommend, that you block time in your calendar over the next weeks to
- Create your business tailored Onboarding Checklist
- Review how you make people feel welcome at the beginning and how you structure your welcome meetings
- Create new initiatives of how you integrate new hires into your existing team, so that having them on board becomes a win-win for everyone involved
- Add everything they need to get them ready to work (technical, information, etc.) onto your Onboarding Checklist
- Craft and Onboarding and Training Plan, in general for all new hires and specifically for the different functions and roles within your business.

Enjoy upgrading your Onboarding Process, so you make your hiring a smooth experience for your new and current team members and for yourself. Take inspired action at your own pace and enjoy new insights as they come. In case you already have an existing team, involve them into the Onboarding Process creation. Also, ask your team members for feedback on what they appreciated and what was missing when they joint your team. Enjoy bringing the right people on board in smart ways, so they help you gain your time back and increase your profits fast!

And, don't forget to share your questions and experiences with your precious program peers in your community and at one of our next Q&A and Deep Dive Calls. We look forward to seeing you step up with your team, your income and your impact!

This Onboarding Process Checklist helps you to answer the most important questions you need to answer when you define your own process, tailored to your specific business needs and to the requirements of the role you are hiring for.

You can use these Welcome Letter examples to craft your own. You can use them as inspiration to write your own, taking into consideration your specific business needs or your own style of communication.