Your GROWTH Track Module 3

Are you ready to step up with your business? Do you have all ingredients in place to make it happen? Start taking more targeted action instead of just being busy.

On this module we will sharpen your bridge between your goals and the achievement of your goals, also financially. First, we will talk about how you can fine-tune your plan, so you achieve your goals in the fastest and most efficient way. Then it's time to step up further. We will start looking at your business structure and identify opportunities to automate and delegate more tasks, so you can focus more on activities that uplift your business most. Step up in your role as the owner and entrepreneur in your business. And, make sure your journey is fun by gathering your most uplifting support team along the way. Let's go!

Your Work documents

Enjoy diving into your business plan, structure and support team! We recommend, that you block 2 hours in your calendar over the next 2 weeks to
- Sharpen your goal achieving plan as the runway for taking off with your business further
- Identify gaps of your current business structure and take steps to close them
- Uplift your current support team, to make your journey more inspired and more fun.

Click on the pictures below to download the work documents. Enjoy working through it over time. Keep in mind that all documents have been carefully crafted to support you on your business acceleration journey. However, you might take longer to get all the answers to all your questions ... and that is perfectly fine. Just work through it at your own pace and enjoy your new insights and successes as they come.

This Action Plan template helps you to craft your own smart plan to reach your most important goals. It will provide the structure for you to set milestones, define start and end dates and explore what resources you need to make it happen, in the best and fastest way. It will also re-connect you with why this is an important goal for you and fuel your energy to stick to your plan.

This Business Structure Inventory document guides you through asking the most important questions to identify which regular tasks in your business should be automated or delegated.

This Support Team Inventory document helps you to identify who you need on board right now to encourage you, offer advice, get you unstuck, open new doors, and more. Enjoy expanding your support team to make your journey more successful and fun.