Your GROWTH Track Module 4

Are you ready to step up with your time management? Do you sometimes feel you are working too many hours for the results you are getting?

On this training session you'll get introduced to the FASTER Time Management concept. First, you'll sharpen your focus and start concentrating your efforts on the essential few goals, functions and activities in your business. Next, you'll look at how to automate what and how you do things, so you stop spinning the wheels and instead you automatically do what gets you the greatest results. And, you will re-structure your calendar to make sure you create a healthy balance between work and relaxation time.

The FASTER Time Management concept that will help you beat procrastination and overwhelm, achieve greater results while investing less time. Sounds too good to be true? Let's jump right in!

Your Work documents

Enjoy diving into these Time Management work documents. We recommend, that you block 2 hours in your calendar over the next 2 weeks to
- Review your priority goals, functions and activities to get crystal clear on the essentials in your business
- Identify what regular activities you should stop as they are just time-wasters, which ones to keep doing and which new ones to take on board to accelerate your success
- Review and adapt your time allocation on your calendar to make sure you take the vital steps at the right time, so you accelerate your success.

Click on the pictures below to download the work documents. Enjoy working through them over time. Keep in mind that all documents have been carefully crafted to support you on your business acceleration journey. However, it might take longer to get all the answers to all your questions ... and that is perfectly fine. Just work through it at your own pace and enjoy your new insights and successes as they come. And, take action! Just pick the vital few ideas that can make the greatest difference to your success right now and start implementing them. Have fun stepping up, one step at a time!

This Priority Clarification template helps you get  clearer on your top goals,  your priority business functions and your most critical activities. Once you are crystal clear on what's most essential in your business, it becomes obvious how to invest your time in the smartest way. It will also make it clearer what activities to focus on, every single day.

This Start-Stop-Continue Inventory document guides you through defining which habits to let go of, which ones to continue and which ones to implement ... so you automatically do the activities on a regular basis that most support your goals, your financial results and your business overall.

This Habit Implementation worksheet guides you through selecting the most important habits you should take on board next. It also helps you chose the right timing, accountability partner, monitoring and incentive approach that help you make it happen.

This Time Structure  document supports you to dedicate the right time to your most important activities, in line with your natural rhythm. This will help you to get more done in a shorter period of time, so you make more money while you have more free time for yourself and your family.