Your GROWTH Track Module 6

Are you ready to step up with your Client Management? Let's explore the 4 most critical steps to get and keep more of your ideal clients on board.

On this training session we'll explore why an agile Client Management is so important and what the most common mistakes are people make when it comes to managing their clients, and how you can avoid them. I will remind you of the 4 most critical Client Management steps and we will go through the first one in detail. You will review your ideal Client Criteria List and start closing the gaps of your prospect follow-up process. We will also look at your options to implement a solid Customer Relationship Management system, so monitoring and managing your clients becomes much more consistent. I also give you a few hints on how to manage your potential client relationships with more ease and fun.

Are you ready to bring more of your ideal clients on board by implementing a solid prospect follow-up system and process? Let's jump right in!

Your Work documents

Enjoy diving into these Client Management work documents. We recommend, that you block 1-2 hours in your calendar over the next 2 weeks to
- Review your ideal Client Criteria List
- Select and implement your Client Relationship Management system ... or at least you start using an Excel spreadsheet to track and manage your clients
- Update your prospect list, i.e. you add all clients you have been in touch with that were interested in your offer in the past 
- Book time in your calendar to follow up with potential clients consistently and to monitor your progress and results.

There are many more hints for you to implement, just pick the vital few and make sure you turn your learning into doing.

Click on the pictures below to download the work documents. Enjoy working through them over time. Keep in mind that all documents have been carefully crafted to support you on your business acceleration journey. However, it might take longer to get all the answers to all your questions ... and that is perfectly fine. Just work through it at your own pace and enjoy your new insights and successes as they come. Take action! Just pick the vital few ideas that can make the greatest difference to your Client Management and success right now and start implementing them. Have fun stepping up, one step at a time!

This Client Criteria List will guide you through another review of your ideal clients. Stop taking just any client on board ... rather be clear on who your ideal client is and go for more of them. This will make working with your clients much more profitable, easy and fun.

This CRM System Selection Guide helps you to chose the right tool. It lists the selection criteria to consider when making your choice. However, don't make it too hard to chose the perfect system. The Client Tracking Sheet provided below might be enough for now to implement a consistent prospect follow-up and client monitoring process to start with.

This Client Tracking Sheet allows you - as a very simple Customer Relationship Management Tool - to track all your potential and existing clients. It will support you to keep track on when to follow up with potential clients, what was discussed previously,  what the current negotiation status is, and more. It will also help you track your sales progress and success.

This is your reminder to book time daily to follow up with some of your potential clients every single day. Also book at least 30 minutes every week to review your follow-up and sales progress and to plan your next week. This will show you which parts of your communication and  sales process works and which ones you need to adapt to get better results.