Your GROWTH Track Module 7

Are you ready to step up further with your Client Management? Let's explore the other three critical steps to make sure you and your team work with the best possible clients, so that running your business is time and profit effective, and fun.

On this training session we'll explore the other 3 most critical Client Management steps. We discuss how you implement a regular Client Monitoring. We also look at when to let clients go and how to let them go in the best way. You'll also get some hints on how to make sure you stay in touch with previous clients and in what way they still support your business, even after you've stopped working together. You will take away concrete hints on how to craft surveys and how to collect testimonials and referrals, so you gather feedback to upgrade your current offer further.

Enjoy tapping into this module and start implementing a more agile Client Monitoring. Even if you are reviewing your collaboration status with existing clients already, this training session will help you collect feedback, testimonials and referrals in a consistent, easy and fun way. Let's jump right in!

Your Work documents

Enjoy stepping up further with your Client Management. We recommend, that you block 1-2 hours in your calendar over the next 2 weeks to
- Review your existing client list and make a decision if you truly want to continue working with all of them or if it is time to let some go
- Craft your customer satisfaction survey
- Ask your previous clients for a testimonial (either in writing or as a video testimonial) and make them visible on your website, social media or in your marketing materials
- Ask some of your current or previous clients for some referrals.

There are many things for you to implement - if you are not doing them yet. Just pick the vital few and get them actively done in your business.

Click on the pictures below to download the work documents. Enjoy working through them over time. Keep in mind that all documents have been carefully crafted to support you on your business acceleration journey. However, it might take longer to get all the answers to all your questions ... and that is perfectly fine. Just work through it at your own pace and enjoy your new insights and successes as they come. Take action! Just pick the vital few ideas that can make the greatest difference to your Client Management and success right now and start implementing them. Have fun stepping up, one step at a time!

This Client Monitoring Guide provides step-by-step guidance to rate your existing clients. It will support your decision of which clients to keep on board and which clients to let go of. A systematic client monitoring will save you time in your business. It will also generate more profit and make running your business much more fun!

This Survey Example offers you some inspiration to create your own satisfaction surveys which will help you to find out what your customers appreciate in working with you and what you can do to make it an even better experience. It also helps you to collect testimonials and referrals, and therefore to get new clients on board.

This  Contract Ending Checklist helps you to to end client agreements in the most appreciative way. This will enable you to remain good business relationships and to even attract new clients, or to bring previous clients back on board.