Your GROWTH Track Module 9

Are you ready to step up with your team? Let's explore how you can accelerate your business by expanding your team. With the right team on your side you will gain your time back to do the activities that make the greatest contribution to your business, and to focus on being the entrepreneur. Let's beat this feeling of overwhelm, being stuck or frustration. Get ready to grow ... your team, your profit, your fun!

On this training session, we take all the fears out of the way that might hold you back from expanding your team. We will remind you of some truth that will encourage you to bring new team members on board. I also guide you through creating an overview of all the activities and tasks that need to be done in your business on a regular basis. We then decide on what to delegate based on the Unique Brilliance concept. Finally, you map out the required team roles for your business. Are you ready?

Enjoy tapping into this module and start reviewing and upgrading your team. Even if you have a functioning team already, this training session will offer many concrete hints on how to upgrade your team further, so you can get more done while you are working less. Sounds good? Let's jump right in!

Your Next Steps

Enjoy upgrading your team. We recommend, that you block 1-2 hours in your calendar over the next 2 weeks to
- Release your current fears around growing your team
- List all your activities and tasks that need to be done regularly in your business
- Make a decision on what to delegate
- Map out the required roles in your business.

Take inspired action at your own pace and enjoy your new insights and successes as they come. Eventually, stop thinking and start doing! Getting clear about your team requirements is the first step toward growing your business further while gaining your time back. Have fun stepping up with your team, one step at a time!

And, don't forget to share your ideas and questions with your precious community and at one of our next Q&A Calls. Looking forward to seeing you step up with your team, your income and your impact!

Let's make sure you are not holding back with upgrading your team due to  any fears. Download this Release your Team related Fears document and let it guide you through letting go of any fears that stand in your way of gathering your dream team! You deserve to have a 'rockstar' team that is passionately working with you on accelerating your growth and your success.

Use this Functional Task Overview to write down all regular tasks that need to be done in your business. Break it down to task level. For example, your weekly marketing post needs to be written, edited, graphic designed and published on several social media. Write down all the task in a detailed way, so you can build task groups that you want to delegate to team members.

Fill this Unique Brilliance Sheet for yourself and every individual team member. Make sure you are mostly spending your time on activities that you are naturally good at, that energize you and that add the greatest contribution to your business. Delegate everything else to other team members whose zone of genius complements yours!

Map out your required team roles. Build groups of tasks that require a similar expertise and that you would pay a similar amount of money for. Then define what type of person could work on these activity groups. Here you find an example for a common role - the Virtual Assistant. Get inspired by these 101 Ways of How to Use a Virtual Assistant and adapt it to your own business needs.