Congratulations! You’ve made the right decision. You are here now … as you are really passionate about using your unique skills, talents and experience to make a bigger difference in this world. You have already started your business and you enjoy great successes already. Now it is time to step up! Let's focus on attracting more of your ideal clients, make much more money and do it all in an even more joyful, fulfilling and balanced way. You are courageous. You are bold. You are truly committed to getting your business to the next level over the next twelve months.

I feel honored to be an active part of your journey. Again, my wholehearted welcome on board of our precious Biz Growth Track. I have seen so many entrepreneurs on this journey step up with their business in great ways during this uplifting Growth year together. Many say, besides reaching more business successes, it was a quantum leap of personal growth as they raised their level of self-confidence and their believe in themselves and their success significantly. Every single one of our members that has worked with us on this journey over the last years has grown personally and as entrepreneurs. And so will you. Let’s step up!

Here are your first steps to take:
1. Download the welcome letter and read it carefully to discover how to make this your best year ever, for your business and your life
2. Make sure you schedule our next concrete dates together in your calendar - Click below on the box 'Your upcoming events'
3. Hook up with an Accountability Partner (AP) - Click below on the box 'Your Accountability Partner' to download and read the AP Guidelines
4. If you are not a member yet from our previous collaboration, join our Facebook community to start connecting and exchanging with other members from all over the globe - Click below on the box 'Join your Biz Growth Power Tribe' and request access. Once you are added to the community, introduce yourself and enjoy connecting and exchanging regularly.
5. Check out your Online Member Center - Click below on the 'Your Online Member Center' - Save this link as this is your space where you'll find all up-to-date information, call and event announcements, training sessions and more on this Online Member Center from now on. Check in frequently as we'll keep updating this page on a regular basis.

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