Bootstrapping Your Business Independent of Investors

Bootstrapping Your Business Independent of Investors

How can you start your own business with zero money in your pocket? What does bootstrapping really mean? And how can you grow your business without bringing investors in too early?

img_0299-kopieThe answer to all these questions and many more has a man I met at Faltin’s Entrepreneurship Summit in Berlin earlier this year. Prof. Dr. Max Otte was one of the appreciated keynote speakers, as he is a powerful combination of a wholehearted entrepreneur, a university professor and a recognized expert predicting economic and financial trends. In Berlin he introduced the key success principles of entrepreneurship which he is happy to share with you today.


On this show you will Discover How To:

– Build your Business around what you Really Want
– Find out if you Have What It Takes to Become a Successful Entrepreneur
– Remain Independent of Capital while Uplifting Your Business
– Apply the Top 10 King Analysis Quality Criteria to Estimate the Value of Your Business
– Start Your Business even in Times of Crisis
– Follow the most Critical Steps to Turn your Idea into a Profitable Business


Prof. Dr. Max Otte is the University Professor for Business Management at the Institute for Management and Entrepreneurship at the Karl Franzens University in Graz. He is also an internationally recognized economy and finance expert who published an impressive range of books and articles in many renowned newspapers and specialty magazines. He became known worldwide for his accurate prediction of the international financial crisis and its effects as early as summer 2006.

Max Otte is also the founder of the Financial Information and Analysis Institute IFVE and he is the chief editor of the investment letter ‘The private investor’. The leading stock exchange news platform Börse Online crowned Max Otte with the prestigious title ‘Market Speculator of the Year’ three times in a row, in 2009, 10 and 11.

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