How do you build a sustainable business that still grows when you are not around?

How do you build a sustainable business that still grows when you are not around?

arash-aazamiMany entrepreneurs build their business in a way that it just becomes another job. If you want to launch a sustainable business system, you need to build a solid foundation. Designing a powerful business DNA, crafting a strong organizational culture, and bringing the right team together are secret keys to success. Easier said than done!

Meet Arash Aazami, the founder of BAS Energie, one of the fastest growing businesses in The Netherlands. Arash built this business from scratch. Arash knows what it takes to build a sustainable business that also flourishes when he is not around.

On this show you will Discover How To:

– Build a sustainable business model for your own enterprise
– Uncover the secret keys to sustain your business, even longer than you are around
– Bring your dream business team together
– Document the DNA of your company
– Create a healthy corporate culture for long term success

Arash is the founder of BAS Energy, an organization that is taking a universal leap in energy consumption. Arash loves taking on mission impossible. That’s one of the reasons why he set out to free the world from the fossil fuel trap.

Arash is going for the big change. He wants all of us to live better while consuming much less energy. His vision is that every person and every business only uses renewable resources. It feels like David is moving out to meet Goliath, but we all know who is winning that fight. And, BAS Energie is already making a difference as it is one of The Netherland’s fastest growing companies.

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