How to build a virtual team that works for you while you sleep

How to build a virtual team that works for you while you sleep

Louis LautmanA lot of entrepreneurs still think that the people they work with should be sitting in the same office. But what if you do not find the perfect partner, expert or technical support in the city where you live?

Today I invited Louis Lautman, a serial entrepreneur and founder of SupremeOutsourcing, helping smaller businesses with any virtual assistance and technical tasks you might need to outsource. On this show, Louis will tell us all about how you can work with virtual teams without even hiring them. They will even work for you while you are asleep.

On this show you will DISCOVER:
–          Why many entrepreneurs still think they need to do everything themselves
–          Which tasks to outsource and which to keep to make your business grow
–          Why you should outsource to people at the other side of the planet
–          Where to find the best virtual assistant and technical support
–          How to select the right people for your team when you never met them

Louis has been an entrepreneur his entire life.  At the age of 5 he began selling snacks to his classmates. At the age of 16 he began listening to personal development audio programs and intensely reading about success.  At the age of 18, already a successful salesperson, Louis began attending Success Seminars and coaching with top achievers.  At age 21 he was thrown into the Lions Den (New York City) and after 2 years of cold calling business owners and knocking on 50 doors a day, Louis became the youngest sales manager for a publically traded telecommunications company and opened his own sales office at the age of 23 in Tampa, Florida.

When Louis found out that his real passion was helping people be successful in life… he went on to study and be coached for a year by motivational trainer star Tony Robbins and sales guru Tom Hopkins. After this year he felt ready to fly on his own and eventually he founded the Young Entrepreneur Society and later Supreme Outsourcing, a company that provides assistance and technical support services to smaller businesses.

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