What Business Ideas Get Your Juices Flowing?

What Business Ideas Get Your Juices Flowing?

What is holding you back from starting your own business? Are you still waiting for an epiphany to find the right business idea? Or you have a brilliant idea, but you don’t know if it is the right one?

These are probably some of your most challenging questions around your business idea…

–   How do I find a brilliant idea that gets my juices flowing?

–   How do I know if my business idea is a smart one?

–  How do I find out if this idea is the perfect match to who I am?

–  How do I know if there is a market that values my idea?

–  What are the first steps to turn my idea into a profitable business?

In this blog series I will address all of these questions in detail. Let’s start with the first one.

How do I find a brilliant idea that gets my juices flowing?

Cheerful smiling child at the blackboard.There are several ways to find your idea. You can sit idle and do nothing and wait for an epiphany. Some of the greatest inventors were enlightened with their ideas in moments of simply doing nothing. You might know the story of Newton discovering gravity while sitting idle underneath a tree, watching an apple fall into his lap. I had many ideas while running, taking a shower or meditating. But I got these ideas in those moments as I had done a lot of research, thinking and speaking to others beforehand.

How can you increase chances to pick up your own perfect business idea? What can you do for the idea to come to you in an unexpected moment?

Most entrepreneurs found their business ideas taking any of these 3 steps or any combination of those.


Bootprint on mud


Step 1: Design your personal Success Triangle

Ask yourself the following questions:

  What do you love doing most? What do you enjoy doing so much that you would even pay for being able to do it? Why are you doing what you are doing most during your free time? Why are you doing the job you have at the moment?

–  What are your most striking strengths and talents? What are you doing so well that you can become one of the best 10 people in the world doing this? Even if you think ”I do not think I can do anything so well”, do not limit yourself! Remind yourself of the things that you are much better at doing than anyone around you today. These are normally the things that you also enjoy doing. You need to reach out to the top 10 we have today in the world and learn from them. How are they doing things? What can you copy? Can you become friends or partners with them that they sharing their success secrets with you? You might not end up among the top 10 worldwide, but within your local reach you might become the No. 1! And that will drive many clients to you. And remember, by reaching for the stars you will get much further than what you thought possible at the beginning.

–  What of the above can you earn most money with? Which of these activities, skills and talents would help others in such a way that they are happy to pay for them?

Find your own sweet spot in the middle of these three!


Bootprint on mud


Step 2: Become a star detective and get inspired

There are many sources available for you to get inspired and to solve your business idea mystery. Become a star detective!

Go out and discover what established businesses are doing today that makes them successful. Find out which new business ideas fly. Reveal emerging trends in your preferred markets and industries.

Think about what is missing in your work or at home that would make your life much easier and more fun. What do people around you complain about? What products or services would turn these critiques into happy chaps? What would you love to see changed in your community?

Observing yourself and your environment will offer you many promising business ideas.

Here are some of the sources you want to explore:

–  What businesses are run by family members or friends?

–  Keep your ears open on the news

–  Have your eyes laser-point you to new shops and businesses wherever you go

–  There are internet providers offering consolidated overviews of the most successful new business ideas

–  Many organizations present awards regularly to the best business ideas and most successful founders.

–  A lot of private and public organizations offer great information and material to help you find the right business idea.

Bootprint on mudStep 3: Let others offer you the greatest business ideas for free

Whenever we get entangled in our own thinking and analyzing, a little help from outside can get us unstuck and offer us the clarity and just the new ideas we need.

–          The easiest help we normally get is from our family and friends

–          There are many co-working spaces focused on specific types of enterprise start-ups

–          Many internet and social media platforms are available to reach other to others

–          Start-up conferences and other events are scheduled in almost every bigger city where you can meet and exchange with other aspiring business founders as much as with business angels, investors and serial entrepreneurs.

–          You can also work with a coach who asks questions that make you go deeper discovering yourself in an entirely new way and that stretch your imagination.

take actionAction: Spend 30 minutes each day for one week to create your personal Success Triangle. Become a star detective, do your research and get inspired. Involve others and let them present you the smartest business ideas. Find out if there are events for startup entrepreneurs or business owners planned in your geographical area. Make sure you exchange with like-minded people and others that are already a few steps ahead of you. You will see, great business ideas will come flying to you easily.

Did you find some business ideas that get your fire burning?

If not yet, go back to step 1, 2 or 3 and keep digging and exploring.

If you do have a list with some brilliant business ideas, how do you know which one is the right one for you? Stay tuned, the next blog will give answers to this question and to many more.

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