How Can You Use Your Powerful Voice To Make Millions?

How Can You Use Your Powerful Voice To Make Millions?

Many people still think that you convince others with content. They might have heard of the 7-38-55 rule of Albert Mehrabian which is saying that your words only create a 7% impact on your audience when speaking, while your voice contributes with 38% and your body language with 55%.

Of course, as an entrepreneur, you first need to have your message clear. But, how much do you pay attention to your voice and to your body language… when you present in front of clients or investors?

If you want to know more about how you can make an impact on a more profound level wherever you speak… you can grab some powerful advice from Deborah Patel right away.

Listen to my interview with Deborah today and discover HOW YOU:

– Find Your Own Million Dollar Voice
– Apply the 5 Key Elements to Communication Power
– Use the Results of a Forbes Study on Voice Perception to Increase Your Profit or Salary
– Brag without Bragging when Selling on Stage
– Bring your Presentations to Live
– Tame your stage fright and how you turn it into a powerful stage presence

DEBORAH TORRES PATEL, the founder of ExpressingYou!, knows all about AUTHENTIC COMMUNICATION and the ART OF SELLING. Deborah shared the stage with celebrities like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, motivational trainers like Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield, as well as world leaders like Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Deborah trained many clients on using the power of their voice to build successful businesses and to raise millions from Venture Capitalists and for social causes. In this show, Deborah shares a rare glimpse into her own FASCINATING JOURNEY and offers you PRICELESS HINTS on HOW YOU CAN PRESENT AND SELL YOURSELF and YOUR BUSINESS with your OWN MILLION DOLLAR VOICE. Click Here to Listen


Do you want to discover your own Million Dollar Voice with Deborah personally? Join her 3-Day LIVE Training – the only one in Europe in 2015! – in London, October 24-26 2015 – You even get a 400 GBP DISCOUNT when you enter this promo code: mentors –

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