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The Business Launch Circle is an exclusive Business Success Training and Networking Community designed forGlobal Entrepreneurs that Think Big.


  • Learn how to think and act like Sir Richard Branson and other top notch entrepreneurs
  • Get direct advice from the best of the best business owners around the world
  • Exchange with other experienced business experts all over the globe


Accelerate Your Business Success, and avoid the uncertainty and outlandish time and expense …
by getting it done for less than two euros a day

There are a few things you can do to take the most out of your Circle Membership.

Your Benefits from Joining the Business Launch Circle

1. Interactive Members-Only-Forum.

You’ll get the perspectives of experienced entrepreneurs from all over the globe, along with networking, joint venture and co-marketing opportunities with like-minded peers.

2. Entrepreneur Self-Test.

Find out if you already think and act like Sir Richard Branson and other top notch entrepreneurs and take away powerful advice on how you close any gaps.

3. Monthly Ask-our-Mentors Calls.

There are no stupid questions! Each month you’ll have the chance to have your specific questions answered in detail by experienced entrepreneurs. And you get access to our call library, so you don’t miss out on previous insights.

4. Insights and Advice from top notch entrepreneurs.

Find out how Kane Minkus started several multi-million dollar companies before he even turned 30, how Mike Radparvar turned his startup into a market leader within only 3 years, how Davy Kestens raised a million dollars for his startup in only 3 months… and indulge into the experiences of many more successful business experts out there.

5. Exclusive discounts on the programs you need to succeed.

We don’t just teach entrepreneurship, we live it every day. And along the way we have built power programs that guide you step by step through the startup and business acceleration process. We’ll show you how to succeed with your business, while charging you less.

We will also add Monthly Updates on Latest Entrepreneurial Trends, Practices, Tools and much more.

Who should join?

Every Entrepreneur that wants to Make a Bigger Difference - From Wannabes to Millionaires

Dreamers: You dream of starting your own business and you are looking for a brilliant idea. Get inspired!

Startups: You want to turn your great ideas into a thriving business fast. You need information, support and money. Get empowered!

Solopreneurs: You want to find a way to earn more doing less, by building a self-multiplying business system. Get uplifted!

Locals: You want to expand your local business into new markets. You need international information and contacts. Go global!

Let Us Help Build Your Business and Change Your Life

Focusing on real clients’ needs and crafting irresistible solutions resulted in closing a 5-year international deal worth RM 750k, and opened doors to very promising potential clients. I would highly recommend Monique to anyone that wants to bring their business to the next level..

Vincent Hong Fay LeeManaging Director at Wavelet Solutions, Malaysia

I strongly recommend Monique’s Biz Launch Power Program to everyone who wants to get their own business started. It is hugely valuable, both personally and entrepreneurial… I think this program is an essential step on the road of entrepreneurial success!

Pauline Saussol
Marketing Meditérranée, France

I gained my very first paying clients within 3 months which I initially did not think possible. Now I really have that clarity and that confidence I needed. If you want to start your business, do not just go to people that help you with the numbers. Rather join this Biz Launch Power Program because you really get all you need to get you going.

VinMichael Müller
Founder of Vigada, Germany

You really share many new insights beyond generally known information and you offer refreshingly new ideas and methodologies. You also share concepts and alternative ways of thinking that were new even for long standing entrepreneur like myself. Thank you!

Wolfgang Wedler
Heilzentrum Oststadt, Germany

Thanks to her deep experience in Entrepreneurship and her powerful network, Monique provides a priceless coaching to rocket a business idea into a powerful business model. If you really want to launch your own business, then I strongly recommend the Business Launch Power Program because this is the place to make it happen, in a short period of time.

Vincent Hong Fay LeeManaging Director at Wavelet Solutions, Malaysia

I have found Monique Blokzyl to be a brilliant conduit of knowledge when it comes to bringing critical information necessary for an entrepreneur’s success.

Joel D. Roberts
The Language of Impact, US


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Then you can start diving into all the great benefits of the Business Launch Circle right away, including all of our great bonuses!

It’s really important to me that this Business Launch Circle resonates with you, because if your heart is not in it, what’s the point, right?

While I’m 100% confident you’re going to love what you’re going to learn, I want you to feel entirely at ease making this decision.

So you have my word that your order is 100% Safe, Secure, Risk Free and with a Full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

I believe in your success,

Biz Launch CIRCLE

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