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Biz Launch CIRCLE

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to join us! I am sure you will find lots of new insights and advice from experienced entrepreneurs, and above all many network, exchange and collaboration opportunities with other business owners.


Here are some steps I invite you to take to get yourself started.

Join our Members-Only Circle Forum
This is a closed Facebook group and to get you in you need to apply through this link first: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bizlaunchcircle/

Put the next Biz Launch Circle Call dates into your calendar
To make sure you are not missing any of our Biz Launch Circle Calls, put all dates into your calendar. You can see all dates by clicking here

Complete the Entrepreneur Self-Test
Find out if you already think and act like Sir Richard Branson and other top-notch entrepreneurs and how you can close the gaps you might still have - Complete the Test here

Immerse into some of the interviews with top notch entrepreneurs
Get inspired by and take away priceless advice from some of the greatest entrepreneurs around the globe. Some of them have already built several million dollar companies, turned their companies into market leaders within a few short years or even months. And all of them hold precious advice on how you can accelerate your own business success. Enjoy diving in! Here's the link: Interviews With Top Notch Entrepreneurs

Check out the Business Launch Programs
Are you still searching for your next brilliant business idea? Are you just starting your first or next business and you appreciate step by step guidance to make it happen? Or, your business is not as successful as you want it to be? Check out if any of our programs would be great to give your business wings. As one of our Business Launch Circle members you enjoy a 10% discount on most of our programs. Check them out here! (remark: add link to program page)


There are a few things you can do to take the most out of your Circle Membership.

Exchange with others

One of the reasons you joined us was probably because you wanted to meet, exchange and learn from other experienced entrepreneurs around the globe. Don’t be shy! Make yourself known in our community. Ask your questions. Provide feedback to others. Reach out pro-actively. One additional advice can be a catalyst to a new income stream. One new business contact can open you a new market. Take advantage and exchange with others actively!

Ask your questions

There are no stupid questions! Whenever you are not sure how to move forward, what tools to use or how to deal with a challenge … ask! You can get answers to your during our Ask-the-Mentors calls and anytime in our Circle Forum. Connect with business experts you found in the forum and use other channels to tap into their wisdom. In today’s world, there is almost no limit on how to ask others. So ask!

Join the monthly calls

Do not miss out on our monthly calls. You take away priceless hints on the latest and greatest business practices and tools. You can ask any of your pressuring questions around your own business. And from time to time you can connect directly with some of the best of the best entrepreneurs around the globe. Keep in mind that some of them do not even offer any personal mentoring at all, but you get direct access to them in our calls. Do not miss out!

Keep an eye out for the latest entrepreneurial advice

We will keep you updated regularly on new information, tools, programs and products we make available to you. This comes in form of blogs, articles, podcasts or videos. We will inform you either via e-mail, in the Circle Forum or directly in the Circle membership area. A lot of them are offered to Circle members exclusively, mostly of them for free or at a reduced fee.

We are here to serve you as a catalyst to your business success. It is up to you to get actively engaged. Now it is up to you to take action. Turn your learning into doing!

Get inspired. Take action. And turn your ideas into your dream business!

Yours truly,

Monique Blokzyl