EU funding – Not for you? How small enterprises can tap into EU pots…

EU funding – Not for you? How small enterprises can tap into EU pots…

You always thought that getting EU funds for your small business is as likely  as winning the lottery? You felt it is a waste of effort to go through a straining application process? We have good news! Getting funds from the EU for your small or medium size enterprise is very feasible!

There are many EU initiatives to support young entrepreneurs and innovative business owners. For example, the Erasmus Program for Young Entrepreneurs enables you to bring new people with fresh ideas to your team. And there are constantly opportunities to get financial support by tapping into EU pots.

The challenge is that most entrepreneurs do not know anything about it. And even when we hear about it, we think we do not have the slightest chance to get rewarded for our application efforts.

The simple truth is we do not even try.

What entrepreneurs need is the right information at the right time. You need to know when funding programs are started that specifically support your type of business or project. And you need to know what it takes to tap into the EU pot.

Here are the good news… You do not need to find the way through the EU funding jungle on your own. You can simply take a partner on board who knows the EU inside out. They help you find the best fit between your business and a specific EU program. They speak the EU Institutions language, and they know precisely how to craft a compelling application in line with EU regulation requirements. They significantly increase your chances to get a sound Yes to your funding application, so that you bring your products to the market faster.

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One of these EU Experts is Octopux Consulting, a partner organization of our Business Launch Portal. Daniela Gomes, the CEO of Octopux, together with the founder and CFO Serge Renneboog and their team, can open you doors to the mysterious EU funding world. So far, the Octopux success rate is very high: more than 70% of all applications they helped prepare eventually received EU funding!

Over the last months, Daniela opened our eyes to the opportunities the EU offers. It was also her who shared the information of the Erasmus Program for Entrepreneurs with us.

Currently, Octopux is actively helping Small and Medium Size Enterprises to finalize their application for the EUREKA’s EUROSTARS PROGRAMME, as per Octopuxtoday the only European fund to be dedicated to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises performing Research & Development. Financed by the European Commission and the Governments of thirty-three European countries, the Eurostars Programme is supporting innovators all over the continent. The next deadline for the submission of an application for Eurostars funding is 4 April 2013, 20:00 C.E.S.T.

Within Eurostars, small businesses lead international research projects where they partner with other small companies, universities and big companies. The track record of a completed Eurostars project proves that a small company is able to manage a large international project, helping it to gain recognition from banks, private investors and blue chip companies.

To find out more about the EUROSTARS PROGRAMME, the application process and funding opportunities, and about how OctopuxTM can support you securing funding for your research project – download detailed information here: EU_Funding_Eurostars_26.02.2013

And stay tuned! With the help of Octopux we will keep you updated on other upcoming EU funding opportunities.

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