How to Find and Live Your Core Values: Your Foundation for Wealth and Fulfillment

How to Find and Live Your Core Values: Your Foundation for Wealth and Fulfillment

jo-simpson-kopieA lot of business owners get restless over time when they feel they do not have the success they want… or they do have all the success they want and still something is missing.

What is the foundation for your business to reach long term financial success AND fulfillment? The strong foundation is… your values! They get you started. Your values also keep you going in tough time. They offer you clear direction like a lighthouse in dark nights.

Today I invited a world leading expert that helped thousands of people and organizations to not only define, but to live their core values. JO SIMPSON is a leading authority in aligning leaders with their values and is a respected thought leader in the international arena of coaching, consulting and corporate innovation.

On this show you will Discover How To:

–       Discover your core values that are your foundation for sustainable wealth and fulfillment
–       Actively integrate your core values into your business to uplift your success
–       Find out if potential partners share the values you cherish
–       Get everyone within your business embrace your core values on a daily basis

Jo Simpson is currently based in the UK, after spending 5 years running a very successful Leadership Coaching Business and pioneering the Coaching Profession in Dubai, UAE.

Jo works today with Large Organizations, Senior Executives, and Business Owners and believes that, based on her 25 years of experience, the key to lasting transformation, sustainability and profitability is by being values driven at the core.

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