Help! My business idea is not as brilliant as I thought…

Help! My business idea is not as brilliant as I thought…

optimized_unhappy employeeI had this brilliant business idea… but now I found out that my idea is not as innovative as I thought!

Many give up when they come to this point. They shrug their shoulders and turn back to their job.

It does not have to end here!

Many startup entrepreneurs come to me frustrated about their business idea or concept. Just yesterday I had a call with a brilliant engineer who is following our 3-month Biz Launch Power Program. He had crafted a powerful sales pitch to test his idea and had come to this cross-road insight: ‘My original idea is not as innovative as I thought. I feel a bit disappointed and frustrated as I have to go back to the drawing board now and start all over again.’

I understand his frustration. I really do. I have been there, again and again.

To make sure YOU don’t give up at this point let me help you get beyond your early frustration:

1) Be Clear of Your WHY

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. ~ Mark Twain

There are many moments when I need to remind myself why I go on with the Business Launch Portal: I want to empower entrepreneurs get their business started. It is crystal clear why I do what I do. Once these signpost stands strong I can go back again and again to find new ways of how to do it, even when some ways turn into dead end roads.

The why is your lighthouse. It gives you direction. Your why triggers the right questions: How can I serve others best? What do they really need? How can I best give it to them?

Find out for yourself: What is your personal why? What do you want to gain through your business? How do you want to serve others? Once you get this clear it will keep you going without loss of enthusiam.

The journey starts when you have got your Why clear. This is the moment when you start asking yourself WHAT you want to offer.


2) Accept that You are an Explorer

Entrepreneurs are explorers who are in search of a destination. ~ Vijai Peduru

In the past we thought startups are just smaller versions of bigger companies. We thought we would just decide what product to sell and then build a business around it. Today we know better. Startup entrepreneurs are modern world explorers. Their major tasks are 1) searching for a business idea that triggers strong interest and 2) crafting and proving your business concept. Exploring, testing, further exploring and further testing is your daily job … until you sold your product a few times and the business starts growing. It often takes months, sometimes years to get there.

Do not expect to get it right the first time you try!


3) Know that Your First Idea is not likely ‘The One’

The first draft of anything is sh...  ~ Ernest Hemingway

In school we are trained to master everything fast. Success stories in media seem to be made overnight. Lets face the truth: the real world is different. Fast success is an illusion, in most cases. Edison tried 10.000+ times to make the light bulb work. Olympian winners and star musicians have trained thousands of times before they became glamorous. Many entrepreneurs I interviewed told me they started several businesses before they got one to fly. Even Donald Trump had his failures before he became one of the biggest American business magnates.

You need to give up your expectation to have it all perfect the first time you try. It might take many trials to find your golden egg business idea. Keep exploring without loss of enthusiasm!


You will succeed when you committ to do whatever it takes to get your business started. Your why will be your direction and driver. Keep searching, exploring and testing! You might end up with an entirely different idea or at an entirely different place than where you headed first. But that is the destiny of every great explorer. Also Christopher Columbus gained fame when he set foot on The Americas while he thought he was on his way to India.


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