Article from Monique Blokzyl – Breaking Through… How To Walk On Your Own Chosen Path

What if you had a secret recipe book of how to deal with almost every imaginable obstacle in your business and in your life?

This book exists! Mentors Digest – Overcoming obstacles offers you 50 uniquely selected stories written by some the greatest mentors worldwide on how they moved beyond major difficulties.

How did they find the energy to get off the ground? What concrete steps did they take to get out of their misery? How did they grow beyond themselves to become much stronger, wiser and wealthier?

Their personal stories give you valuable guidance. They inspire and empower you to turn adversity into chances. In this book you find sage advice from Dan Kennedy, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Ken Varga, Glen Curry, Sharon Lechter, Julette Millien, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Loral Langemeier, Brian Tracy and many more.

Find out how 50 of today’s Greatest Mentors overcame major obstacles and grew far beyond themselves. You can do it too!

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