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Bootstrapping Your Business Independent of Investors

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How can you start your own business with zero money in your pocket? What does bootstrapping really mean? And how can you grow your business without bringing investors in too early?

The answer to all these questions and many more has a man I met at Faltin’s Entrepreneurship Summit in Berlin earlier this year. Prof. Dr. Max Otte was one of the appreciated keynote speakers, as he is a powerful combination of a wholehearted entrepreneur, a university professor and a recognized expert predicting economic and financial trends. In Berlin he introduced the key success principles of entrepreneurship which he is happy to share with you today.


– Build your Business around what you Really Want
– Find out if you Have What It Takes to Become a Successful Entrepreneur
– Remain Independent of Capital while Uplifting Your Business
– Apply the Top 10 King Analysis Quality Criteria to Estimate the Value of Your Business
– Start Your Business even in Times of Crisis
– Follow the most Critical Steps to Turn your Idea into a Profitable Business

Prof. Dr. Max Otte is the University Professor for Business Management at the Institute for Management and Entrepreneurship at the Karl Franzens University in Graz. He is also an internationally recognized economy and finance expert who published an impressive range of books and articles in many renowned newspapers and specialty magazines. He became known worldwide for his accurate prediction of the international financial crisis and its effects as early as summer 2006.

Max Otte is also the founder of the Financial Information and Analysis Institute IFVE and he is the chief editor of the investment letter ‘The private investor’. The leading stock exchange news platform Börse Online crowned Max Otte with the prestigious title ‘Market Speculator of the Year’ three times in a row, in 2009, 10 and 11.


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How to turn your start-up into a market leader within only 3 years

Audio 16 Mike Koumartzakis

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MIKE KOUMARTZAKIS founded Figame in Greece in 2007. Already two years later it was voted the BEST ONLINE TRAVEL AGENCY in the country. Since then, achieved triple figure increases in sales and profits every single year and by now ranks among the biggest online travel agencies in Greece. In this show, Mike reveals his secrets of how he built Figame using INNOVATIVE MARKETING. He tells you how to keep going in serious crisis times and HOW TO SERIOUSLY KICK THE BUTT OF INDUSTRY GIANTS. Mike offers you CONCRETE STEPS TO TURNYOUR START-UP INTO A LEADING ORGANIZATION IN THE MARKET.



How to Raise 1 Mio. USD Within 3 Months for Your Start-Up

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Have you ever WONDERED HOW TO RAISE 1 MILLION USD WITHIN 3 MONTHS to rocket your biz idea into enterprise? For DAVY KESTENS, a twenty-something Internet Entrepreneur, this is a reality. Davy already built online businesses and outsourced work to India when others went to college. And he recently turned his latest venture TwitSpark into another success story. In this show, Davy shares his INVALUABLE EXPERIENCES and offers CONCRETE EXAMPLES of HOW TO TURN YOUR IDEA INTO A THRIVING ENTERPRISE.




Master Sales and Become a Yes-Trigger

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Have you ever tried to sell something and all you got was a clear No? Have you ever pitched your business idea to an investor and walked away with zero money? Have you ever wondered what these irresistible Yes-triggers are when you are selling yourself, your product or an idea?

When you are starting and running your own business the skill number one you need is selling. This is why we invited today no one less than the hard-selling expert in German-speaking countries, MARTIN LIMBECK. Martin will share some insights from his 30 years of selling experience and offer you priceless hands-on tips on how you can become a sales master.


– Become a sales master and yes-trigger
– Master the major steps from your first contact to closing a deal
– Apply the success secrets to trigger curiosity in a first conversation
– Use the most common objections to your advantage
– Avoid typical mistakes when closing your deal
Martin Limbeck is an international sales authority and sought-after keynote speaker. His more than 150 speeches, seminars and workshops per year, make him one of the top sales trainers worldwide.

Over the last years, Martin has been honored with several prestigious awards that very few received like the “Coach of the Year” Award, the Conga Award and the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) of the National Speakers Association that very few non-Americans ever received.

Martin is also the author of several German bestselling books like ‘The New Hardseller’ and ‘He did already not buy – how top sales people think’.



Code of Honor: Crafting Your Life-Changing Compass to Success

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Do you know these moments when your batteries are empty? You feel overwhelmed with all you have to do. There are issues with your team. You are running out of cash. And on top you have troubles with your family? As entrepreneurs we are constantly under pressure to succeed. There are many moments when we get challenged, frustrated, and sometimes we even feel a bit burned out.

But it does not have to be that way! There are concrete things you can do to keep your energy high.

You want to get direct access to this pool of endless energy?

Meet DIRK SCHÖTTELNDREIER who knows how bring teams to new heights by crafting an unshakable Code of Honor.


–       Enjoy life-changing success crafting your own powerful Code of Honor
–       Apply priceless secrets to leave your competitors far behind
–       Make your whole team stand strong in tough times
–       Turn obstacles into opportunities by mastering our own mind

Dirk Schöttelndreier is one of the top dentists in Germany attracting clients from all the country and beyond. What makes him special is that he is also an author, speaker and trainer. Right now he is in the process to start another amazing business. And Dirk is not just any wholehearted entrepreneur. He is one of the top recognized leading mid-size business-expert and was honored with the prestigious Ludwig-Erhard-Award


Turning your Failure into Your Key to Success

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The majority of startup businesses fail. Unfortunately for entrepreneurs, failure is still considered in many countries as a lack of skill, talent or expertise. And that is a major reason why many people never even try to make their business ideas real.

But what if failure was rather considered as a key to success?

Meet AURORA WINTER, America’s leading expert at empowering people to go beyond failure, loss and grief. Aurora did not only go through business failure, she also went through heartbreaking grief in her life. She got up again and grew beyond herself as an entrepreneur, a mother and a woman.


– Turn failure into your key to success
– Get unstuck quickly with the PEACE Method™
– Avoid saying the wrong things to ourselves or to others after failure or grief
– Create clients who become loyal for life

Formerly a film and TV executive producer, Aurora Winter is America’s leading expert at empowering people to go From Heartbreak to Happiness®.  She is the Founder of the Grief Coach Academy, Aurora is also a speaker, trainer and author. Aurora Winter has been featured in many media, including ABC, CBS, Fox, Oprah radio and more, and reached over 1,000,000 people with her message of hope, healing, and happiness.


How to Find and Live Your Core Values: Your Foundation for Wealth and Fulfillment

A lot of business owners get restless over time when they feel they do not have the success they want… or they do have all the success they want and still something is missing.

What is the foundation for your business to reach long term financial success AND fulfillment? The strong foundation is… your values! They get you started. Your values also keep you going in tough time. They offer you clear direction like a lighthouse in dark nights.

Today I invited a world leading expert that helped thousands of people and organizations to not only define, but to live their core values. JO SIMPSON is a leading authority in aligning leaders with their values and is a respected thought leader in the international arena of coaching, consulting and corporate innovation.


–       Discover your core values that are your foundation for sustainable wealth and fulfillment
–       Actively integrate your core values into your business to uplift your success
–       Find out if potential partners share the values you cherish
–       Get everyone within your business embrace your core values on a daily basis

Jo Simpson is currently based in the UK, after spending 5 years running a very successful Leadership Coaching Business and pioneering the Coaching Profession in Dubai, UAE.

Jo works today with Large Organizations, Senior Executives, and Business Owners and believes that, based on her 25 years of experience, the key to lasting transformation, sustainability and profitability is by being values driven at the core.


Secrets to Create Your Own Irresistible Brand

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When we walk into a supermarket today, there are countless brands of muesli, milk, and toilet paper. Which one do you grab? The one you never heard of or the one who’s name rings a bell?

Branding has become a question of survival in today’s loud crowded world. We face tough competition. You need to stick out! Only if you have an irresistible brand, people are drawn to you.

But what is a brand? How do we build a brand and make it the No. 1 over time?

Meet Kirsten Ujvari, the branding expert and founder of Verbeeck + Ujvari, who has worked for more than a decade with entrepreneurs and professionals to build their own powerful brand.


–       Build your own brand taking 4 simple steps
–       Make your brand irresistible keeping major branding criteria in mind
–       Apply the Top 3 Strategies to make your brand widely known
–       Design your business cards making your brand visible
–       Use Social media secrets to make your brand visible
–       Define your company name to make your brand sound seductive

Do you Dream of Getting Well Paid as a Speaker and of Making Profit while Being Off Stage?

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For DARREN LACROIX, World Champion in Public Speaking, this is a reality. In this show, Darren shares his UNIQUE STORY of how he went FROM FIRST-RATE CHUMP TO FIRST CLASS CHAMP, as a speaker and entrepreneur. And he offers you PRICELESS ADVICE of how YOU CAN BUILD YOUR OWN THRIVING SPEAKER BUSINESS.





How to make sure your business fits you like a custom made suit

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HAVE YOU EVER WANTED to RUN A BUSINESS THAT FITS YOU LIKE A CUSTOM MADE SUIT? Meet NICHOLAS LORE, the beloved founder of the Rockport Institute who has helped more than 14.000 individuals design the business or career that fits their personality and natural talents perfectly. In this radio show, Nick offers a glimpse into his own journey of creating his perfect business match. He also shares CONCRETE STEPS to CREATE YOUR OWN BUSINESS that will ENERGIZE and INSPIRE YOU DAY AFTER DAY and therefore getting the GREATEST CHANCE TO SUCCEED.

How to find out if your business idea is marketable

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If you EVER WANTED to KNOW IF YOUR BUSINESS IDEA IS A SMART ONE and the BEST APPROACHES to make sure it BECOMES A THRIVING BUSINESS, MEET HANS TJOLLE, the INNOVATIVE IDEA MARKETER. In this radio show, Hans shares his powerful secrets of how you know if your business idea is marketable and, based on his own experiences, he offers CONCRETE STEPS to ROCKET YOUR OWN IDEA INTO ENTERPRISE.