Wie Sie Ihr Startup-Unternehmen rechtlich absichern

click here to watchWelche rechtlichen Aspekte sollte man beim Gründen beachten? Wo und wie informiert man sich am besten? Hier bekommen Sie wertvolle Tipps!

35_MG_0907Prof. Dr. Volker Römermann, Vorstand und Rechtsanwalt der Römermann Rechtsanwälte AG, beantwortet diese und andere spannende Fragen rund um das Thema Rechtssicherheit für Unternehmer. Er spricht auch darüber, worin sich der Aufbau einer Kanzlei vom Gründen anderer Unternehmen unterscheidet. Und er schenkt Ihnen eine Menge wertvoller Tipps wie Sie sich als Redner und mit anderen PR- und Marketinginitiativen Ihre Kanzlei, oder auch ein anderes Unternehmen, voranbringen können.



In dieser Biz Launch Show entdecken Sie:

  • Welche rechtlichen Aspekte Sie beim Gründen beachten sollten
  • Wo und wie Sie sich am besten zu rechtlichen Aspekten bei der Gründung informieren
  • Woran Sie gute Berater zu rechtlichen Aspekten erkennen
  • Was Vor- und Nachteile einer Limited Gesellschaft im Vergleich zu einer GmbH sind
  • Worauf Sie achten sollten wenn Sie sich international aufstellen wollen
  • Wie sich der Aufbau und die Leitung einer Kanzlei von dem anderer Unternehmen unterscheiden
  • Warum man als Unternehmer auch als Redner auf der Bühne stehen sollte
  • Was die wichtigsten Erfolgsprinzipien für Unternehmer sind, insbesondere aus der Perspektive eines Kanzlei-Inhabers

Prof. Dr. Volker Römermann ist seit 1996 ist er in seinem Traumberuf Rechtsanwalt aktiv. Heute ist er Vorstand und Rechtsanwalt der Römermann Rechtsanwälte AG sowie Insolvenzverwalter. Er ist auch ein gefragter Redner auf Kongressen und ein beliebter Dozent, sowie Honorarprofessor der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Aber auch wissenschaftlicher Tiefgang kommt bei ihm nicht zu kurz: Über 20 Bücher wurden schon von Volker Römermann (zum Teil mit anderen) herausgegeben. Der Bundesgerichtshof, das Bundesverfassungsgericht und viele weitere Gerichte haben unzählige Male darauf zurückgegriffen und daraus zitiert.



 How to Get Money from the European Institutions

click here to watchYou want to get money for your business from the European Institutions? Here is what you need to know…

1Do you also think that getting access to EU funds for your business is less likely than winning the lottery? Daniela Gomes, co-founder and CEO of Octopux Consulting, knows better. Her clients have a 70% success rate of receiving financial support from the European Commission as Daniela knows to speak the EU language. She can help you to apply in the right way. On this show, Daniela Gomes opens you the curtain to the European funding world. She offers you very concrete advice on how even startups can get money from European funding pots. Link

On this Show you Discover:

  • What EU funding programs are the best fit for your business
  • What criteria you need to fulfill to apply for EU funding programs
  • What other support for your business you can expect from the EU besides money
  • How to maximize your chances to get EU funding
  • How to apply when you have a business outside the EU


How to Build an Irresistible Brand?

click here to watchYou started your own business and want to make it you-nique? You want to discover some secrets to brand yourself and your business? Look no further! Meet Runa Magnusdottir, an awarded branding expert and serial entrepreneur…

Runa Magnus (1) - KopieOn this show, Runa offers an exclusive glimpse into her own journey of founding and co-founding several businesses. She also shares her POWERFUL SECRETS and CONCRETE EXAMPLES of how to TURN YOUR BUSINESS VISION into an IRRESISTIBLE BRAND. Link

 On this show you Discover How To:

  • Create a Vision for Your Brand
  • Apply the Magic 3 C’s of Personal Branding to Your Business
  • Turn your Business Vision into an Irresistible Brand
  • Brand Your Business as a Solo-Entrepreneur
  • Make sure you Cover all Key Branding Elements
  • Apply the Top 3 Success Principles for Entrepreneurs

How do you build a sustainable business that still grows when you are not around ?

Audio 17 Arash Aazamiclick here to watch

Many entrepreneurs build their business in a way that it just becomes another job. If you want to launch a sustainable business system, you need to build a solid foundation. Designing a powerful business DNA, crafting a strong organizational culture, and bringing the right team together are secret keys to success. Easier said than done!

Meet Arash Aazami, the founder of BAS Energie, one of the fastest growing businesses in The Netherlands. Arash built this business from scratch. Arash knows what it takes to build a sustainable business that also flourishes when he is not around.

On this show you will Discover How To:

  • Build a sustainable business model for your own enterprise
  • Uncover the secret keys to sustain your business, even longer than you are around
  • Bring your dream business team together
  • Document the DNA of your company
  • Create a healthy corporate culture for long term success

Arash is the founder of BAS Energy, an organization that is taking a universal leap in energy consumption. Arash loves taking on mission impossible. That’s one of the reasons why he set out to free the world from the fossil fuel trap.

Arash is going for the big change. He wants all of us to live better while consuming much less energy. His vision is that every person and every business only uses renewable resources. It feels like David is moving out to meet Goliath, but we all know who is winning that fight. And, BAS Energie is already making a difference as it is one of The Netherland’s fastest growing companies.


How to Get Money from Business Angels

click here to watchYou are looking for money from a Business Angel or Venture Capitalist? Here is what you need to know…


 Steve Skowyrski, A Regional Manager at Angels Den and Serial Entrepreneur himself, is a powerful match maker between Business Owners and Business Angels. He works with more than 6000 Business Angels and Venture Capitalists all over the world. Steve knows what it takes to find the Right Investor to catapult your business forward.

On this show you Discover…

  • The best kept secret to attract business angels
  • What you have to prepare before you approach an investor
  • What needs to be in your business plan to make business angel eyes shine
  • The most common questions investors will challenge you with
  • How you select the best financier for your business
  • When the right time is to approach a business angel
  • How to maximize your chances to get money from investors



How to earn 1 Million Euro within short 10 days by simply using Brain Power Insights


click here to watch

Have you heard of ‘Neuro-Marketing’? Did it sound like Chinese to you … until today? Let our special guest at this weekly Biz Launch Show share with you his simple Neuro-Marketing tricks, so that you can grow your income quickly and easily by 20 to 30%, or more.

You do not have to study scientific concepts for 10 years to use them as business triggers! Just meet with us Jiri Vokac Cmolik, a Neuroscientist and wholehearted entrepreneur, who will translate his scientific insights into very hands-on tips on how to start and grow your business.

On this Show you Discover How To:

– Use Neuro-Marketing secrets to grow your income quickly and easily
– Display product prices to minimize the ‘buying pain’ of your customers
– Position price information on your website or on your product
– Offer a guarantee to raise your income by 20%
– Master your brain to jump-start your business


Living in Prague currently, Jiri Vokac Cmolik is a top expert on brain studies. He is one of the nine masters of Firewalking, co-founder of the Inner Winner Institute, co-founder of NEURO RESTART® system, the author of transformational books and online educational programs. Jiri is also a renowned international transformational speaker.

His motto is ‘INSPIRATION | COURAGE | TRANSFORMATION’ and he made it his mission to bring insights around transformational brainpower into our daily life, to make people find their ‘inner winner’ and become more successful and happy.


How to reach the magical million with your business at the age of 21

click here to watchYou like to find out how Sukhi Wahiwala turned a small family business into a million UK Pound business by the age of 21?

Sukhi_WahiwalaGet to know Sukhi Wahiwala who started to run his first business still in his teens. What are Sukhi’s personal secrets to business success? And how can you apply them to rocket your own idea into enterprise?

On this Show you Discover How To:

– Build a strong foundation for your own business around your passion
– Rocket your idea into a multi-million dollar enterprise
– Leverage and grow your business to an entirely new level
– How to find the right mentor that really cares about your business success

Sukhi Wahiwala took over a small family business whilst still in his teens, becoming a millionaire at the age of 21, and a multi-millionaire by the age of 25. Being mentored by his father, a phenomenally successful entrepreneur, Sukhi still had to learn the hard way what it means to build and grow a business.

Today, still in his 30th, Sukhi Wahiwala owns a vast variety of businesses, ranging from property management, to internet online e-tailing business, retail outlets, importing, manufacturing and retirement homes, just to name a few. Earning his reputation as “The Man with the Midas Touch & Vision”, Sukhi was riding high when disaster struck with his health in 2006. It took him almost two years to recover his health and to restructure his business to free himself up to do what he loves doing most… working with a select group of entrepreneurs helping them to build thriving businesses themselves.


Master Your Fear To Become Unstoppable As An Entrepreneur And A Person

click here to watch

How do you tame those fears that stand in your way getting your own business started?


1 - KopieHow do you turn challenges into chances and objections into opportunities while you get your own business started or you bring it to the next level? Meet Mats Uldal in this show, the renowned ‘Fearfighter’ and ‘The Celebreties Helper’, who has worked for more than 35 years with top athletes, business executives, entrepreneurs and celebrities to make them step beyond their fears and get to new success peaks.

On this Show you Discover How To:


–          Master your fear like top athletes, business leaders and celebrities do
–          Tame your irrational emotions that stand in your way to major business success
–          Use the most effective of all tapping techniques to raise to new heights
–          Get past your startup anxiety and turn your dream into a profitable business

Mats Uldal is an international speaker, published author and TV celebrity. Mats was trained by Roger Callahan, the “father” of TFT and the field of Energy Psychology. He has further developed the fear mastering technique TFT, by many perceived as the most effective of all tapping techniques. Mats is also the Founder of MUIS, Europe’s leading school of Thought Field Therapy. He has trained more than 2000 people, and personally treated more than 6000 people in 12 countries.

Mats also worked with war victims from Kosovo, survivors from Katrina in New Orleans and victims of violence from trafficking in Moldavia, with phenomenal results. These techniques are now available to companies and entrepreneurs like you, to quickly get rid of the unconscious emotional hurdles which stop you from becoming the best you can be, as an entrepreneur and as a person.

Boosting Your Business through Guerilla Marketing

click here to watchYou want to attract more clients, raise your profits and simply boost your business without a big marketing budget in your pockets? Terri Levine has some priceless hints for you…

1 (2)Terri Levine, The Business Mentoring Expert, is a wholehearted serial entrepreneur. The last business she sold, she grew from scratch to an organization with more than 2.000 people working in it and a value of more than 10 million dollars. Today she is living her passion which is helping small and medium sized businesses boosting their profits. Over the last decades Terri worked with more than 5.000 businesses from more than 200 industries. Terri is also the founder and CEO of The Coaching Institute, one of the top coach training programs in the US.

On this show you DISCOVER HOW TO:

  • Apply Key Success Strategies to Boost Your Business right now
  • Maximize your Marketing Outcome with The Hidden Assets Approach
  • Learn Guerilla Marketing Strategies and apply them to your advantage
  • Use the Best Online Marketing Tactics in your own Business
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition with Smart Offline Marketing
  • Sell without Selling to Significantly Raise your Profit


Lead or Lose: Leadership Skills You Need to Get Your Business Started

click here to watchYou want to grow your profit by becoming an outstanding leader? Here is what you need to know…

 molly - KopieWhat leadership has to do with starting a business? It has everything to do with it! If you want to make money as a business owner you need to be an outstanding leader: you have to create an irresistible offer for your clients, communicate it in powerful stories, get the right people on board that can move worlds, and much more.

Molly Harvey, the Corporate Soul Woman, works with entrepreneurs and corporate boards all over the world, transforming them into outstanding leaders in their business. On this show, Molly speaks about her own success story of turning her company into a globally renowned consulting firm. And she offers you powerful leadership rituals that you can apply right away, every single day. And this will significantly increase your profit, guaranteed!

On this show you DISCOVER:

  • How you become an outstanding leader in your market
  • Success habits that bring your business to an entirely different level
  • Top leadership skills every entrepreneur must have
  • How to create an irresistible vision to make your business big
  • The Marketing Step No. 1 you must take when starting your business
  • How to use social media to make your business known
  • How to surround yourself with people helping you to grow your business

Wie finanziere ich mein Business über Crowdfunding? (German/Deutsch)

click here to watch

Du benötigst finanzielle Unterstützung für Dein Unternehmen und denkst dabei an Crowdfunding? Hier findest Du die Informationen, die Du brauchst um eine erfolgreiche Crowdfunding-Kampagne zu starten…

1In diesem Interview mit Jens-Uwe Sauer, dem Gründer und Geschäftsführer der Seedmatch GmbH, bekommst Du einen laser-scharfen Einblick in die Welt des Crowdfunding. Herr Sauer beantwortet Deine wichtigsten Fragen und gibt Dir viele praktische Tipps und unbezahlbare Hinweise für Deine eigene Crowdfunding-Kampagne mit auf den Weg. Dieses Interview ist ein Muss für jeden Unternehmer der über eine Crowdfunding-Finanzierung auch nur ansatzweise nachdenkt.

In dieser Show entdeckst Du…

  • Was Crowdfunding eigentlich ist
  • Für welche Art von Startups und Unternehmen Crowdfunding geeignet ist
  • Welche Investitionsbeträge normalerweise über Crowdfunding erreicht werden
  • Wann der richtige Zeitpunkt für eine Crowdfunding-Kampagne ist
  • Wie Crowdfunding funktioniert
  • Wie Du Deine Crowdfunding-Kampagne vorbereitest, um viele Investoren anzuziehen
  • Die wichtigsten Auswahlkriterien für eine erfolgreiche Crowdfunding-Kampagne
  • Die Top-Erfolgstipps für eine Crowdfunding-Kampagne aus der Sicht des deutschen Crowdfunding-Pioniers Jens-Uwe Sauer