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Discover how to attract your best clients that love and happily pay you

Vincent Hong Fay Lee Managing Director at Wavelet Solutions, Malaysia

 Focusing on real clients’ needs and crafting irresistible solutions resulted in closing a 5-year international deal worth RM 750k, and opened doors to very promising potential clients. I would highly recommend Monique to anyone that wants to bring their business to the next level

What You Get in Our Marketing Power Course

Start investing your precious time and money in smart marketing that attracts your best clients that love and happily pay you.



Clean up your beliefs about money … and make earning easy!

Have you heard people say "Marketing is expensive" or "You start Marketing when your product is ready"? These are just two of the many common Marketing myths that might prevent you from doing Marketing in smarter ways. Let's squash all these wrong rumors so that attracting your best clients becomes easy and fun.



Discover how a little creativity can attract thousands of clients quickly and easily

Have you heard of Guerilla Marketing? Do you wonder what this is? What makes Guerilla Marketing so different? And, what are practical steps to develop your own empowering Guerilla Marketing approach?

Here you get answers to all these questions, and much more! You discover the difference between Guerilla Marketing and old-fashioned Marketing. You take away priceless of how you can use Guerilla Marketing in your own business to attract your best clients quickly and easily.



Chose the Guerilla Marketing Weapons that work best in your business

What are the most proven marketing weapons used by the greatest marketers today? How do you select the best ones for your specific business? Let me break it down for you! Save tons of time and money on marketing books and courses… let me break it down for you in just a couple of minutes! You will get a quick overview over the most powerful marketing steps you could possibly take. Then I help you to select the vital few that are best to lift your business up.



Craft your Own Powerful Marketing Strategy that is easy to do and gets you amazing results

Understanding Guerilla Marketing does not do the trick! If you want your business to grow consistently, you need to build a smoothly running marketing machine. In this section, you are guided through all the critical steps you need to take to build your own powerful marketing approach. You answer all critical questions you need to ask upfront. You will craft a clear action plan on how to get your marketing machine going.

Marketing Business Strategy Analysing Icons Concept



The Top 5 Marketing Initiatives You Cannot Ignore

What are the vital few marketing initiatives that the greatest marketers around the globe use, again and again, to make them millions? And, how can you use them in your own specific business? I will guide you step by step through these vital five. I will make it so easy for you that you have no excuse anymore to get them started right away. The moment you do, you will see how easy it is to attract thousands of your best clients within just a few months. Once you use these vital five in a smart and consistent way, you will never run out of clients again!

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I understand after taking this course with Monique that I’ve spent too much time on the details of the product instead of creating the products my clients want. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and money by doing this program because it puts all the important things together in one place.

Renate Hjelleseth  Norway, Founder of Renate Villas

It made me start working with the content straight away. I actually got a new costumer that same day. Thanks to Monique. Now I can really start seeing the results that I want.

Yonas R.Boujar, Empatisk motivator

Monique is definitely one of the most knowledgeable business coaches that I´ve ever worked with. This is no fluff or empty promises, but hard-core business and entrepreneurship education that no MBA program ever teaches you. Thank you!

Hakon Ringstad, International Speaker and Presentation Coach

I have revamped my company's approach to gain new customers and it has greatly improved my success rate to more than 30% compared to my previous approach.

Mugilan Chitambram, Digital Media & Social Media Specialist & Strategist

While I’m 100% confident you’re going to love what you’re going to learn, I want you to feel entirely at ease making this decision.

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