HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED HOW TO USE YOUR POWERFUL VOICE TO MAKE MILLIONS? DEBORAH TORRES PATEL, the founder of ExpressingYou!, knows all about AUTHENTIC COMMUNICATION and the ART OF SELLING. Deborah shared the stage with celebrities like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, motivational trainers like Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield, as well as world leaders

A lot of entrepreneurs still think that the people they work with should be sitting in the same office. But what if you do not find the perfect partner, expert or technical support in the city where you live?

Today I invited Louis Lautman, a serial entrepreneur and founder of SupremeOutsourcing, helping smaller businesses with any

Sounds familiar? Here is the story of a man who struggled with his job and his life for a long time.

However, after a magical moment in his life, a moment as brief as 10 seconds, he changed his perspective. Within the next 3 years DEREK MILLS became a millionaire, a hugely successful entrepreneur and a

Have you ever WONDERED HOW TO RAISE 1 MILLION USD WITHIN 3 MONTHS to rocket your biz idea into enterprise? For DAVY KESTENS, a twenty-something Internet Entrepreneur, this is a reality. Davy already built online businesses and outsourced work to India when others went to college. And he recently turned his latest venture TwitSpark into

You started your own business and want to make it you-nique? You want to discover some secrets to brand yourself and your business? Look no further! Meet Runa Magnusdottir, an awarded branding expert and serial entrepreneur…
On this show, Runa offers an exclusive glimpse into her own journey of founding and co-founding several businesses. She also

MIKE KOUMARTZAKIS founded Figame in Greece in 2007. Already two years later it was voted the BEST ONLINE TRAVEL AGENCY in the country. Since then, Figame.gr achieved triple figure increases in sales and profits every single year and by now ranks among the biggest online travel agencies in Greece. In this show, Mike reveals his

The majority of startup businesses fail. Unfortunately for entrepreneurs, failure is still considered in many countries as a lack of skill, talent or expertise. And that is a major reason why many people never even try to make their business ideas real.

But what if failure was rather considered as a key to success?


Do you know these moments when your batteries are empty? You feel overwhelmed with all you have to do. There are issues with your team. You are running out of cash. And on top you have troubles with your family? As entrepreneurs we are constantly under pressure to succeed. There are many moments when we