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Entrepreneurship – Monique is a wholehearted entrepreneur, so she offers workshops and keynotes about topics around startups and entrepreneurship, covering fundamentals like how to build a business model, how to pitch successfully, how to network and build a dream team, how to successfully market yourself. She is also specifically speaking about how to get a speaker business started or how to build a speaking career in a bigger way.

Sparkling on Stage – As Monique has been on stages for more than 15 years and she has coached many speakers along the way, Monique loves to share insights on how to sparkle on stage. She covers topics like how to prepare an impactful presentation, how to spice up delivery and how to create a lasting impact.


  • The Impactful Pitch – How to get anything (almost) every time
  • The little Big Question – How to become an influential leader by discovering your WHY

Programs and Workshops: 1 Hour – Half Day – Full Day – 2-3 Days

  • The Biz Launch Power Program – Guiding startups to turn their ideas into a thriving business (6-month program)
  • The Impactful Pitch – Trigger interest within seconds and harvest a sound YES
  • Networking for Entrepreneurs – Turning contacts into long lasting relationships
  • Business Idea Check – Generating more revenue with dream clients you love to work with most
  • Your Dream Support Team – Gathering influencers that give you and your business wings
  • Presentation Power for Entrepreneurs – Creating a lasting impact long after you left the stage
  • Starting your Speaker Business – Get paid to speak all over the globe


Monique speaks all over the globe… no way is too far. Speaking is her passion and so she speaks… everywhere! In the last 3 years alone, she spoke on stages in more than 10 countries, mostly in Europe, but also in the US and in Asia. She spoke in the heart of the European Parliament in Brussels/Belgium, at a German stadion, at the 1MET stage in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia, at several Entrepreneurial Summits and many Startup events, at several Toastmasters District stages, and on other wonderful platforms.


The most prominent co-speakers she shared the stage with so far are the US Foreign Minister John Kerry and the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. She also shared the stage with motivational speakers like Sheryl Roush and many top entrepreneurs.


Monique speaks to any organization, no matter what size. The biggest audience she inspired so far were 3.500 young entrepreneurs at the 1MET kick off event in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia in Automn 2013. She also regularly speaks to audiences of 300+ people and, to more intimate, exclusive audiences. She even started her own event series for entrepreneurs in Hanover/Germany where she currently resides. For Monique, the size of an audience does not matter. What matters is their interest to learn and to grow themselves and their organizations.


Sneak Preview – Get a first impression of her workshops and speeches

Rejkjavijk/Iceland – Small Business Branding Day – September 2014

Keynote – District 87 Miri/Malaysia – November 2014 (extract)

Workshop – District 80 Singapore – November 2014 (extract)

Keynote – Association of Transformational Leaders (Europe) in Bath/UK – March 2014 (extract)




Monique has the natural talent of a true leader: she knows her stuff, she is confident about it in a very relaxed way, which makes everyone feel comfortable and willing to hear what she has to say. She is always willing to collaborate and to give a hand in whatever is possible and adequate to the occasion. She is connected, she is present, and she is a good listener. It was a great experience to work with her pre and during the AWE Summit Switzerland 2014. I’m looking forward to repeat it many times in the near future. ~ Tulia Lopes, co-founder of AWE Summit

Monique is an engaging speaker who inspires her listeners and clients to challenge their own limits in pursuit of their dreams. ~ Marne Platt, Global Marketing Manager at Elanco

Enthusiasm and professionalism are two things that clearly describe Monique and her way of spreading information. ‘Rocketing your ideas into enterprise’ was the best workshop I could have attended during the Jade Spring Meeting in Brussels. People who are passionate about entrepreneurship and especially the ones who want to start a business should definitely listen to Monique’s pieces of advice. ~ George Stefan Margas, President at BOS Romania

I have attended Monique’s Startup Pitching Training during EUROPEAN APP CUP ( ), so far best training I’ve ever attended. Monique gave us dozens of very useful advices and tips & tricks how to make my pitch better. She’s is not only a passion-driven professional, but also an extremely enthusiastic individual. I strongly recommend her as a Mentor and Coach. ~ Adam Walocha, Owner w Coded Quality

Monique gave two outstanding training sessions for JADE (The European Federation of Junior Entreprises), the first being a Business Simulation at our 2012 JADE Spring Conference and the second a Public Speaking training for the JADE Executive board. Monique’s dedication and passion got everyone committed and actively engaged during the training. She provided an excellent environment for learning. She shared with us sound theoretical concepts and many practical hints and tips and many of her own experiences. Monique used stimulating materials during the practical stage of the training and provided a great platform for each of us to practice right away. Moreover she is very confident with a nice sense of humor, and is enabling the right pace throughout the entire training session. I can highly recommend Monique as a trainer and a coach and I hope I will have the chance to work with her again in the future! ~ Simona Lascu, Senior Consultant at EY

A fantastic evening! You truly informed and inspired us. A wholehearted thank you for your professional and creative input! ~ Erhard Schulz & Anna Kalinowska – Werkstatt-Galerie Calenberg

I really enjoyed your workshop on how to give successful sales presentations. It really impressed me how much Monique can say with so few words… ~ Stefanie Rosemeyer, Owner of rosemeyer design

I really enjoyed Monique’s event ‚The Business Foundation‘. She really shared many new insights beyond generally known information and she offered refreshingly new ideas and methodologies. Monique shared concepts and alternative ways of thinking that were new even for long standing entrepreneurs like myself. What I especially enjoyed was that we could try out new things right away. Thank you for this exciting event! ~ Wolfgang Wedler, Heilzentrum Oststadt/Germany

I really enjoyed Monique’s sparkling and entertaining workshop at the end of the (Founder event) Ignition, for me it was the absolute highlight after a few other tiring workshops from some of our male presenters. ~ Incognito 😉