Welcome to your 4-week Journey to Uplift Your Speaking & Business

Why we launched this 4-week Professional Speaker Launch Program

Because from my extensive experience as an entrepreneur and speaker for more than a decade I often meet speakers, experts and entrepreneurs with a tremendous wisdom that is not fully used to make them visible, get booked and financially free. I am committed to change this! I want you to step up professionally with your speaking, so you stand out, you shine as a speaker and as an expert, and more! This is your kick-off program to get you started on going professional with your speaking, so you stand out more, earn more, live more!

Take the most out of this 4-week journey

How we recommend you work through this program

Live Calls - We recommend you join all our Live calls in person. During these calls we will dive together into one of our weekly pro speaker success topics by giving you an introduction and then inviting you to think things through directly, using practical exercises. We also provide lots of space for you to ask your individual questions. Please engage actively during the calls by asking your questions and sharing your own experiences, so that everyone benefits from our collective wisdom in the greatest way.

In case you miss a call
If you exceptionally miss a call, we highly recommend you catch up before the next call as each session is an important basis for the following one. Listen to the recording and work through the work documents, when provided. Both will be stored on this page shortly after each call is completed.

Between the calls
Please continue working through the recommended exercises after our calls. This way you gain fresh insights and you keep building a strong foundation for your speaking and business.

When questions come up
You can ask your questions 24/7 in your program community on Facebook. All your open questions will be tackled during our weekly calls together.

Try it out in real life - This program is not just about discovering what it takes to step up with your speaking. It is a practical step by step guide on how to step up as a speaker. Therefore, make sure you work through all the steps we suggest you take during these 4 weeks. And, most importantly, try things out in real life! Start talking to people that might be interested in hearing your message. Get out there and speak to event organizers and others and see if they are interested in engaging you as a speaker for their upcoming events. This is the best way to earn your program investment back fast, you might get already get booked more as a speaker and you can turn your learning into doing right away.

Stay in touch - Even if this is a 4-week program, you can benefit from it for a long time after it ends. First, don't forget to arrange your free 1-on-1 Bonus Call with Monique, latest two weeks after the program ends. Stay connected with your precious program peers and also actively engage in our precious mySpeakerBusiness community. Here you can tap into the wisdom of 800+ other aspiring or established professional speakers.

Here is your AGENDA

Whether you are planning to become a professional speaker exclusively or if you rather want to use your speaking as a strong marketing tool to gain more clients, after these 4 weeks with us you will be ready to build your solid speaking business foundation. You will select your most unique and promising message. You will know where to find your ideal audience and how to get booked as a speaker, again and again. You become more visible, magnetic and impactful. You become the speaker and expert everyone wants to be around, engage and follow.

Week 1: Your Unique Message - Get clear on what you want to share with the world

Week 2: Your Best Audience – Find audiences that are keen to listen and pay

Week 3: Your Professional Stages – Get ready to get booked

Week 4: Going Pro – Step up with your speaking professionally

Week 1 - Your Unique Message - Get clear on what you want to share with the world

  • Explore why you want to become a pro speaker and what type of speaker you’d like to be
  • Tap into your own brilliance and discover which messages you have inside to share
  • Find out how to select your Number One message that holds your greatest potential

Here you find the Work document from this week - including suggested EXERCISES to get started.

Recording 1st Live Call

Recording 1st Live Call - Audio for Download - Click here

Week 2 - Your Best Audience – Find audiences that are keen to listen and pay

  • Explore who needs to hear your message most
  • Select the right topic for the right audience by getting clear on their needs
  • Identify which of these potential audiences are the best fit to your speaking and business 

Here you find the Work document from this week - including suggested EXERCISES to get started.

Recording Live Call - Part 2

Recording Live Call - Part 2 - Audio for Download - Click here

Week 3 -  Your Professional Stages – Get ready to get booked

  • Identify stage time opportunities where you reach your ideal audience
  • Learn how to maximize your chances to get booked as a speaker
  • Get ready to secure your next concrete stage times – offline and online

Here you find the Work document from this week - including suggested EXERCISES to get started.

And, as promised, here is Monique's Speaker Profile Document as an Example to create your own.

Recording Live Call - Part 3

Recording Live Call - Part 3 - Audio for Download - Click here

Week 4 -  Your Professional Stages – Get ready to get booked

  • Discover the most common ways of getting paid as a speaker
  • Select your best options of making money with your speaking
  • Get ready to go from speaking for free to speaking for fee

Here you find the Work document from this week - including suggested EXERCISES to get started.

Recording Live Call - Part 4

Recording Live Call - Part 4 - Audio for Download - Click here

Make sure you benefit from all of these AMAZING VALUE ADDING BONUSES that come with your precious program!

Benefit from a complimentary 1-on-1 session with Monique (60 min.)
Within this program you are entitled to get one free online session with Monique Blokzyl. To secure your session, you need to book it with her beforehand through Monique's calendar. You need to have this session scheduled within two weeks after the end of this program latest.

Mentors Digest - Overcoming Obstacles by Linda Forsythe, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Monique Blokzyl and many others
What if you had a secret recipe book of how to deal with almost every imaginable obstacle in your business and in your life? This book exists! Mentors Digest – Overcoming obstacles offers you 50 uniquely selected stories written by some the greatest mentors worldwide on how they moved beyond major difficulties. What concrete steps did they take to get out of their misery? How did they grow beyond themselves to become much stronger, wiser and wealthier? Find out how 50 of today’s Greatest Mentors overcame major obstacles and grew far beyond themselves. You can do it too!

Get access to this overcoming obstacle receipe book here

mySpeakerBusiness Membership for a full year
The mySpeakerBusiness Facebook Community is the exclusive space for established and aspiring professional speakers. We selectively invite speakers from all over the world that are committed to sharing their message, so that they create a bigger positive impact in the world. This exclusive forum offers a safe space for mutual exchange, support and collaboration. Please keep in mind, it is a NO-PROMO community! You will also get invited to join our monthly community calls with amazing speakers and experts that share their best practices, methods and tools on how to make your speaking flourish further.
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The world needs you... keep sharing your voice and

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