TM 2 PRO From Toastmasters to Professional

High Performance Leadership Project

RENAMING Update: TM 2 PRO becomes mySpeakerBusiness

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How do we get from being a good speaker and enthusiastic Toastmaster to become a Professional Speaker? How do we launch a Speaker Business successfully?

These and other questions ignited the idea for this HPL-Project. My project vision is to have more and more Toastmasters to share their passion for speaking and leadership through their thriving speaker business.

My project team and I have defined our mission. We will provide Toastmasters with the information you need to make your speaker business flourish! We will ask some of the best speakers around the world how they got their speaker business started. And compile a How-to-Guide.

First, we want to know what information you need most. Help us and fill the survey below… so that we can tailor our interviews and how-to-guide to your need.

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You want to know more about this project? You like to get the project results? Or, you like to join the project team? Get in touch –

Any idea, any feedback, input, advice as much as challenging questions are welcome!

This is a project from Toastmasters to Toastmasters! We want to learn and grow together, as this is what Toastmastering is all about.

Lets share this journey from Toastmasters to Professional!


And here are the project mission, vision and values as agreed with the Guidance Committee…

Vision: More and more Toastmasters spread their passion for public speaking and leadership with their thriving speaker businesses

Mission: We provide Toastmasters and others with the information they need to make their speaker business flourish! We ask the best speakers around the world how they got their business started. And compile a How-to-Guide.
– By combining the strengths of all individual project team members we make each one of us stronger and help each other to grow
– We promote leadership and communications skills within the project
– We serve Toastmasters and other speakers by offering opportunities to learn and to grow within this project
– We bring the world closer together by involving experienced speakers from Europe, the US and potentially other parts of the world
– We provide sustainable deliverables that are beneficial to Toastmasters and other speakers beyond this project